green is the new black (by tasmin blanchard) :: swishing parties

I finally got to read my book Green is the new black : How to change the world with style by Tasmin Blanchard over Christmas break. I'd misplaced the book since September after returning from LFW, so I was quite thrilled to find it just before leaving for Christmas. Then, of course, it took me all of one day to read... But no matter, it was terribly enlightening. I advocate that if you ― like me ― have been slacking off in your fashionably eco-conscious lifestyle, then you really ought to read this book. Simple.
(At Amazon UK and Amazon, but apparently not in American bookstores til Feb?!)

While I'd love to delight in you in what-would-be a grossly inadequate summary of the book's wonderful points ― of which there are many, I'll pass. I always hated writing book reports!! However, from its discerning perspective on 'fast fashion' to its all-encompassing little green book: the stylish and sustainable shopping directory at the end, its well thought-out guidelines to pleasures of guilt-free sprees and swishing parties!!, Ms Blanchard's book is a must-read for every fashionably-green, chic chick.

I didn't even know the concept of swishing parties existed!! I'm always toying with the idea of swapping purses, belts, accessories, and sometimes, clothes I know I'd never wear again. I think I'm developing a bit of a thing about my clothes; they're really personal, but even more complicating, I usually have them reworked so I doubt anyone could really use them but me. Anyway, my obsession for purses, really, has always been the repressed motivation for wanting to swap pieces with friends, either temporarily or forever. *gasp* *faint* I am now, however, thinking very seriously about organizing a quarterly-sort-of event. It'd be such a great way to get rid of stuff one doesn't use regularly, and perhaps, lay claim to a friend's say Smythson purse for a bit.

So, If green is the new black, and the new black is 60 percent off, does this mean what you think it does?!! Perhaps. If you're thinking of that Stella McCartney cardi or McQueen hand-stitched ostrich-feathered skirt (eco-fashion is all relative, I think, except for obvious gaffes like cheap, non-decomposable fabrics of indeterminate origins!!); it's probably is 60 off now, but that's because the economy is undeniably the pits!! The truth is wearing well-made, eco-friendly styles made by socially-responsible designers isn't cheap. In the simplest of terms, it explains why couture is so expensive; the best fabrics sourced out by astute craftsmen to make the finest of garments!
Ahhh.... *pleasurable sigh*

Pretty, pretty kisses.


Andy said...


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