a casa loro, a casa mia

Speaking of pretty places and spaces, I just spent an inordinate amount of time on Viktor & Rolf's new webbie. You need to go on there so see exactly what I mean, but haven't even hinted at!! I am now convinced that I'm supposed to go practice my Italian especially in their Milan store. It just makes perfect sense!! I've been ogling these pics of the boutique forever (explains why this set of images are larger than those now available on the redesigned site.) Maybe the ornate neoclassic upsidedown-ness of it all will confuse my senses, maybe not; it's all very seamless. Either way, I just really need to be a part della casa Viktor-Rolf, if only for a few hours!!

Chic kisses.


*kik* :) said...

How do you get wind of all these amazing stuff? Viktor and Rolf is the bomb! ;)

thandie said...

If you hadn't mentioned it was all upside down, I wouldn't have known. It looks very normal and very chic. And you're so chic!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I love you and your writing and you are truly the epitome of chic!