chic habitat

Before I dropped everything on Sunday in favor of a period of revered, albeit pleasurable, homage to Monsieur Laurent's works, my lover/ex-roomie and I had been on about Dubai. Well she was telling, I was listening.

Sitting in a pair of YSL pumps,1 I silently cursed the Archean rock I'd be living underneath heretofore. But even more gush-worthy — at least in my fashion-obsessive mind — I came across a related article: Dubai to build first Fashion Island (part of The World archipelago). It's called Isla Moda and would combine a fashion resort, themed residential villas, haute couture boutiques and luxury hospitality facilities. I get the pesky feeling that one's supposed to visit and then leave. I mean living on a resort island may get a wee bit old after some time. But you see, in my grand delusions, I'd have a winter home/suite on the island. How completely out of this world would that be?? Or not. Just gorgeous bliss!!

Sun-kissed kisses.

1. It was only appropriate.


samira said...

I heard about this, but I was too busy to look it up. WOW. Dubai must be a completely different world.