a little indiscretion. oh, is that my bum you see??

Believe it or not, I found a pair of knee-length or short leggings at my Euro-chic haven SevenNY.1 Yikes!!

When leggings resurfaced as the bane of many a woman's unfashionable existence two summers ago, I vowed never to give into the sartorial ''hip"pyness of it all. Of course, I convinced myself that Ghesquière's gold-plated 3-D gladiator leggings for Balenciaga weren't just leggings, and Peter Pilotto's Techno hologram leggings were a wearable metaphor for the glowing transparency of one's soul, so I allowed myself to admire these extraordinary pieces from a distance.

Last week, I went a step further than my singular permissible mistake of a pair, which I'd gotten on sale for barely twenty bucks and actually got another pair!! (And more than twenty bucks too!!)2 These short leggings by German designer Doreen Schulz's c-neeon are a rarity and I love 'em!! They are a relatively moderate pair, and yet spectacular; especially if you don't mind flashing a bit of bum to the world, no?? Okay, so I have no idea when or why exactly I'll wear this, but I'm just so happy about it. Yes, I've done a mental check over and over again; my neurons and synapses seem to be making the proper connections, so I'm not completely berserk!! Besides, I am writing this piece coherently, aren't I?? When I do adorn this enticing piece of clothing, I'll take a pic, perhaps. H.A.!! Oh the joyous hilarity I will bring to any- and everyone around me, but I guarantee it'll be chic nontheless.

Sugar frosted kisses and truffles.

1. I can't tell you how much I love this store!! Where else can you find pieces from Preen and J.C. de Castelbajac?!! Seven is possibly the hippest fashion store in NY (which makes that all of America). It's the only place where I can get my very Euro-chic fashion fix, you see; I always come up with pieces that make me feel exceptionally pleased with myself as I tread the very delicate balance between avant-garde art and fashion, trendy chic and style. Ah, the pleasures of the fashionably shallow mind...
2. A pair of leggings should not cost more than twenty bucks!! In 99.99% of the cases in which it is worn (I'll get back to you on the dev points on that), the sordid piece could very well not have been worn. And it is not lingerie, either!! Since I'm such a doll, I'm willing to hear any justifications for this wretched piece of clothing (other than I didn't shave my hairy legs, or le Tour de France has been moved to the middle February!!) And sorry, cashmere leggings with their laughable price tags do not make a difference to me.


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! I don't believe you. But then you are one of those few people who could pull this off. I will be watching you.

Your Secret Admirer said...

Ekei Ekei!!!! make sure I see this sh*t!!!!!!!

nadine said...

I understand your distaste for leggings. They are not so bad on skinnier women, but on bigger women, that's another bag of chips. *please laugh at my attempt there* And this pair is actually cute, but on a woman with an ample derriere, it would be a disaster, to put it mildly.