chic simplicity life lesson #308: look at me - Oscar de la Renta Tweed Pump

Thursday, three-something a.m...
Brilliant (ahem!)1 light bulb moment: a "look at me" installment for my fashion memoirs. The seeming brilliance of this idea is as much from the delightful pleasure (in myself) that I'm humming (rightly or wrongly, I can't be sure) this three word phrase — look at me — the hook/chorus from a rap song;2 as it is from the sheer gladness of finding a simple way to share some of the most delicious pieces in which I maniacally, but gladly, tumble head over heels in love.

So, here...
When one puts on this pair of decadent pumps,3 one is saying,
*Look at me*:

"I'm a manifestation of posh chic simplicity — like you've never seen — without even trying. I'm not wearing just any old pump, but I'm not wearing the two-notches-away-from-over-the-top LV French Riveria Pump either. And 'tis in the very elegant effortlessness of it all that you get a charmingly subtle hint at the complexity of my being. If they were an inch higher, you'd be aching to f*ck my complex brains out in the ladies room down the hall. And yet, notwithstanding, you are aching to..."

*Blush, bows head* [A lady in the streets but...]4

Chic simplicity kisses and butterflies.

1. At three in the morning, everything seems clearer, more reassuring that all is right in the universe. Little ideas exhibit themselves as grand propositions.
2. And with the clarity that comes only at this time of the morning, I realize that this rap song — albeit elusive because I still do not know the genius behind it — was made especially for me to document a new segment in my memoirs and its author will go on to be held in high esteem amongst the extraordinary league of unconventional poetic orthographers... Like e.e. cummings perhaps.
3. Just in case you didn't know, Oscar de la Renta is my adopted oh-so-beyond-cool Grand-uncle. (Or, I wish he were.) And yes, I'm getting these pumps. They're at Neiman's!!
4. Wait, wha.. wha.. what?? Another rap reference?!! Why yes, I'm so proud of myself :). The powers that be have not given up on the sadness that is my non-existent pop culture life, even if it's vintage rap!!


Anonymous said...

Fashionista!!! It's all you love ;)

kiki said...

That shoe is hot! Very chic simplicity indeed.