AWOL: how dare I??

I haven't written a single entry in ten. whole. days.

I've been actively searching for my life. Really. And I've so much to tell you. I'm going to be on my computer for ages without so much as an indulgent ciggie break. If I smoked.

While you determine my fate, enjoy my rediscovered love, Craig David!! I can't help thinking his newly bulked-up — What?? Steroids?? Never!! — bod is très hot!! And perhaps, the delicious thickness of his neck and arms parallels the thicknesses of his lower longitudinal appendages (ahem). *Blush* Since I got back from Christmas break (in Nigeria), I've been on a mini-quest to find Mr. David on TV even though I don't watch much music videos. It's so sad American MTV and its sister channels don't have him on rotation. Besides, you'd think I'd also get MTV Euro or UK given all the useless channels to which I'm subscribed already. Seriously, what is that about??!!
Anyway, enjoy!! And be gentle with me :)

Big Sugar Kisses
(from Madeleine and I)


shopinchic said...

I am just glad your back blogging!

And yes,Craig David isn't bad looking. For the longest time I
thought he dropped off this planet,at least the music world.
No,he's just not as popular in the USA.

Secretista said...

Nice. He's back!

chinny okoye said...

realy nice.....he looks good too

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!!! you mean is he swole in other secret places? Love you, you are so eloquent!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog tonight, and I love it! I will be checking back for future posts. Thanks for sharing.