chic fashion: NY fashion week mid-week review

An attempt to review a tenth of all that's going on for NY fash week:

To put it mildly, I'll be Max Azria's b*tch!! Have you glimpsed his amazing pieces for the newly revived and renowned Hervé Léger label?? Two words: Quintessential chic!! The classic banding style of the Hervé Léger dress is updated with the simplest of touches — flower and squiggle appliques, feathers, cashmere, caviar beading, beautifully arched bands in contrasting colors (against the main bodice of the dress) transforming the classic pieces into true works of art. I love it all. The question now is, "How will I lay my hands on two or three pieces if possible??" An H. L. dress does cost a pretty penny that'd kill my budget if I truly had one.

I've also been thoroughly impressed by Mses. von Furstenberg's and Reese's collections. In her show titled "Foreign Affair," Diane von Furstenberg presents beautifully cut pices in a mix of patterns; jackets/sweaters/coats feature prominently, showing up with almost every outfit; each ensemble affair is elegantly secured with a thin waist belt. Contemporary Glam!!

Ms Reese captures me with her water color palette. With much subduedness turning up on the runways — a deemed reflection of our current economy — the designer's swirls of colors is certainly uplifting and projects a deliciously fluttering repose, which manages to exude a diametrically animated revival, in much the same way that we seek relief from our currently depressed state. Other pieces in her collection show the usual greys, blacks and browns of fall, but with a glorious sheen that's anything but bleak. These two collections have previously been more in my budget — and yours — so I'm terribly excited!!

Just a few hours ago, I was fortunate to be able to sneak (seriously!!) into Monique Lhuillier's show, and I'll say the economy be damned!! Pardonnez-moi l'expression. Ms. Lhuillier's dress collection of decidedly sumptuous fabrics, sparkling embellishments and feathers, paired evenly with the clean lines for which she is so well recognized was simply breath-taking!! I could feel my heart beats as each model strutted the runway in the dresses, each seeming more intricately glorious than the previous. I doubt that I was able to take it all in, and I almost cried from the utter decadence of it all.

About an hour later, in a more intimate gathering at Stephen Burrows' showroom down in the Fabric district, I relived a beautiful appreciation for the female form. Standing only a few feet from the models as they showed off Burrows' new line Mo Lajé of simple, yet very French chic pieces adorned chain and hinted beaded garnishes, the elegant manner of the clothes was enhanced even more by the form of the model's bodies. Certainly, a testament to the acclaimed designer's practical knowledge of fluidity, the clothes had an easy movement that grazed the body ever so softly. He opened with a hammered satin shearling coat and these was a collective gasp of pleasure throughout the room. His collection fused the elements of water and earth, matte (jersey) and shiny; and a knowing sexiness and body consciousness.
Fashion photos courtesy style.com
Simply chic clothing, chic fashion all around!!
At the end of the show, I plucked up some courage and went to talk to the casting director for the show Ms. Bethann Hardison, celebrated model in the sixties and seventies, and later model agent. Perhaps, almost single-handedly, Ms. Hardison has been responsible for pushing forward black models. Although she shut down her a decade ago, Ms. Hardison has recently revived her efforts to advance black representation — especially of models — within the fashion industry. Last year, she begun an ongoing series of discussions to tackle this glaring omission of color within the industry, and it can be assumed that designers are 'attempting' to take note. The fashion circle is a very slow moving one, but there's been a sprinkling of black (and Asian) models on the catwalk.

P.S. Did I mention Bethann Hardison is this famous actor's mom. I didn't. Oh oops!! We all had a crush on him back then, some of us still do. ...Back in a different world.
Mother and son :)

I'll keep you posted. Soo t..i..r.ed!!

Celery sticks (no peanut butter or dressing!!) and air kisses.


The Bougie Baller said...

1 comment... i need a herve leger dress in my life... asap!!!

The Bougie Baller said...

oh, and are you a member of billionairebabes.com? if not, you should join (registration is free and open)!

mia said...

LOL. Kadeem's picture is hilarious. And I'll take two Herve Leger dresses!!!

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oh bougie, i love you. yes i am a member of billion dollar babes. check out their online sale today quick: valentino on yoox.com

shopinchic said...

I love( am most excited about) Diane Von Furstenberg's jackets,dresses and belts. They are stylish enough but also perfect for business meetings and work.

running with heels said...

wow with that one model's dress anyone could say that it's true-- those donuts and chocolates really do go straight to the thighs!