matching separates

In other news, here's an entry I just decided on...
A reader, Shop.in.chic — who must be decidedly fashionable — pointed out that she loved Kai Milla's burnt orange pants from my last post. I do indeed love it too. Very much. It's a divinely sophisticated color. Refined. Cosmopolitan. It's got a certain je ne sais quoi.

Serendipity!! — I came across this men's jacket by Alessandro Dell'Acqua (Fall 2008) in an almost similar color and it's man-haute!! I'd love to watch a man as he pulls the jacket sleeves up his arms: the tracing ripple movements of his biceps beneath his shirt; adorning the jacket on his frame: the orange color (smack!!) extending a warm delight to skin, his eyes... It's just such an absolutely charming color. And the pants are divine as well; although I wouldn't suggest the high-water length except you're pretty tall. *Giggle* If the colors were exactly the same, I'd even go as far as to advocate the matching couple spectacle. You know, woman in Milla's pants and man in the Dell'Acqua. How utterly Posh and Becks and ridiculously cute??!! No?? I know you love it ;) I love it!!

Sappy. Sappy!!
It's the pathetic valentine's day bug going around. I love love. But perhaps, we going about it rather robot-like. Sermon: Love should be celebrated everyday!! And no, do NOT go out wearing red because people say you should!! How sad would you be stepping into the clichéd restaurant and everyone's wearing the same sordid color. You'd sooner end up with three other women in the same dress as yourself. Now, that would be heart-wrenching!! Love out the window!! (Sorry didn't mean to shatter your plans, but do think of the thousands of color possibilities out there :))

Sugar patchouli scents, truffles and butterfly kisses.


shopinchic said...

Valentine's is just another holiday to push sales. Its got nothing to do with love.