Back to school b*tches!!

...At least for the next week of fall runway shows in my beloved NY!! NY!!
Check list:
• empty oversized bag (ahem, make room for my chic flats. HAHA)
• camera & memory card
• two pairs of oversized sunglasses
• book organizer ― just for looks, of course, and preferably by Hermès or Chanel, sorry my dislike of LV is just so consuming!!
• chic simplicity style that projects an elegant and powerful confidence. I'm thinking (black, grey or tweed) pencil/bouffant skirts, sleek mid-rise trousers and white collared shirts. I'm also thinking a smidge of ruffles, maybe; and a tweaked creation of my very own of course. That's just me. And, if you're paying homage to the designer... Bravo!! Bravo!!
• a great coat; or you'll freeze your nipples off
• pretentious designer bottled water. You have heard of Evian's newly designed ― by Christian Lacroix!! ― bottled water that's rumored to make an appearance during the week. Oh you haven't??!! Well where have you been?? Here's what the bottles which come in "Couture" and "RTW" versions look like...

A few other recommendations for your 'water'?!!! (certainly a very normal thing to worry about): Voss, Tasmanian Rain, Antipodes and Fred's.
E-Boost for revving up your energy, because you're not a coke head and your Lauder compact actually does contain a serving of legit nose powder.
• inane smile and gurgling laughter at the delightful craziness of it all. Check!!

Now prepare for a crammed session of stilettos and label memorizations that charmingly surpasses whatever you may have done ― or not ― at your last academic institution. And we're all watching to see who's doing color on the runway, and no I don't mean on the dresses!!

Sugar-patchouli-scented air kisses.
See you.
P.S. Happy Black History Month!!