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It's Paris fashion week1 and I'm thoroughly tickled by most things French. Or should that be "people"?? Not only is the French air of superiority deeply amusing and terribly akin to my own well-honed "I'm sorry, and you are who what??" expression; but you just can't help admiring a culture which exists for two main purposes: to eat and to fuck faire l'amour. Talk about superior creatures!! At least, they practise said arts to perfection with such intriguing style and panache, one can't help a begrudging admiration.

The usually high-minded citoyen de France have been abuzz with the goings-on of the inner chambers at l'Elysee Palace. C'est spécialement intéressant when you realize that every French president is considered lower than dirt and not worthy of conversation. Ever!!
So very sad.
So it's certainly about the new Mrs Sarkozy, we all know. There she is on the French Elle January cover.

"Man trap, serial heart-wrecker, rocker arm candy, photogenic cipher, arrogant heiress, polling gimmick — the woman who appears likely to become the first lady of France has been called a lot of things lately. The last thing anyone would have thought of is that she’s a catch..."
This starts off Guy Trebay's report in both the NYTimes & IHT last month. And while I'm quite certain Mr Trebay was only meticulously transcribing his narrative account; I'd politely request a few changes in this descriptive analysis. I'd cross out "man trap" and replace it with "femme fatale" — presupposes a more charming quality, wouldn't you say?? — same with "serial heart-wrecker", I'd go with "lover of men". "Arrogant" would be "confident" and all that talk about "gimmicking" would never do, I'd prefer "genius."

I mean how else would you explain the report goes further to point out,
Just three months after meeting the French president at a dinner party, the woman [Carla Bruni] who told a French magazine that she indeed was “a cat” and a tamer of men was seen wearing a pink diamond engagement ring made for her by Victoire de Castellane, the Dior jewelry designer, and had already transformed an Élysée Palace salon into what the French press referred to quaintly as a “pop music room.”
Dearest Mr. Trebay, I call it "Genius."

And certainly, having witnesses that include Nicolas Bazire, a senior figure in the LVMH luxury goods group, and Mathilde Agostinelli, an executive from the Prada House just proves that we really ought take our French (fashion) lessons more seriously!! A lovely idea is blossoming in my head: Every lady that's part of my bridal train will adorn clothing from a different designer. Perhaps before my wedding I'll be a tad famous and can have some of those designers or their representatives especially design a dress for each of my ladies-in-waiting :). Love it gyrls!! I'm sending out a pretty little message to see what you think :)
No, I don't know exactly when my wedding will be.
Yes, it is because my hubby is still in hiding (=he doesn't exist yet). Or as I like to think of it, concentrating on his work, which includes charming the pants off someone at Leviev or Graff, so he'll be ready when I'm ready to pick out my engagement ring. Delusions of grandeur...
But seriously, every one of my bridesmaids will be paying hommage to a different designer and will come prepared to strut down a crackled gilt and white-rose-petal-strewn walkway... Genius I tell you!!

And while we're on the subject of impossibly French French women, Carine Roitfeld, editrix of French Vogue, whom I still adore (despite our differences, which span from her refusal to wax her mini-forest eyebrows — pardonnez moi — to a few basic philosophical differences) has a few words over at NYMag. The article begins, "Carine Roitfeld is full of respect for the powerful fashion editors on the other side of the Atlantic. “They are very, how you say, slick,” she says. But all that money and success are so... American." I suggest we accept that statement as a "full" compliment.
French accent: Erm, so how you say... NOT?!!


1. Still owe you the best of all the fashion weeks. Working on it. Love you!!


Mia said...

Ahh I've been waiting for a good old post and here it is. LOve you too. And love the wedding idea too!!!

B said...

OMG I have to say something. I have been reading blogs for ages and am an awful blog snob. I hate ugly pages, bad grammar and distracting disorganization. I also hate people who do not believe in using tabs or breaking up monotonous paragraphs. I absolutely don’t care what I am reading about if the page is fun, engaging and visually seductive. I could sit and make a list of all the blogs I hate but I won’t. You are a rock star!!

This may seem random but 4 seconds ago I discovered a new blog that I have since reported to blogger (yes I asked them to take it down). Their sin you ask...sheer appallingness :)

Anonymous said...

Carla is already the first lady of the French people, they got hitched weeks ago! She's the real femme fatale I tell you!