love you. love oscar de la renta's dresses.

I love you. Not just today. Always.
My new avatar P.A. alter ego loves you too. You can hear her welcome you to my page when it loads (if your volume's turned on :)). And you can click on her anytime to hear her oh so sultry voice. Hahaha. Today, she feels like being called Madeleine!!
Madeleine loves Oscar de la Renta dresses almost as much as I do... She'd no sooner be wearing these gorgeously decadent and timeless pieces — before I could afford a silken thread of any of it — if she were real and could also slip her feet into my new rawkus-causing Lacroix jewel sandals!!
Enjoy our fave American classic!!
Spring 2008 RTW:

Fall 2008 RTW:
Pics courtesy Style.com

Deep decadent kisses.

Live. Love. Love some more.
[I don't know any better way to promote my love for absolutely divine dresses and my constant heart-wrenching desire to alleviate human suffering.]


Mia said...

LMAO! I love Madeleine. I love her glasses, where can I get a pair?!!!!!!!!!!

Mia said...

And Oscar de la Renta is the man. Isn't he like 70?

shopinchic said...

The one from the Spring RTW collection on the far right
would make a lovely wedding dress.

BTW,Wouldn't you consider Oscar
de la Renta a legend? I do!

Anonymous said...

@ work so cant hear Madeleine!!! Not fair!!! >:O

Love me some oscar!

damonm55 said...

OOOOOOhhh SSSsssultry!!!
(Wanderin around the blogmosphere, just stoppin in) -d

You should know who ;) said...

You have a shoe addiction, I can't believe you got those. Okay I can. It makes perfect sense in your case. Finances be damned!!! Madeleine is sultry indeed ;)

Anonymous said...

Madeline's hot!

Filthy said...

love the blog!

Jim said...

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Anonymous said...

Can i have one of those invites pretty please.

BTW I have this fabulous idea for a series of parties


CameoBox Design said...


I'm glad I found your blog. ;-) Very insightful and helping me as well. I've added you to my must visit link, hope that's okay with you.

Do come visit me at cameobox@blogspot!

Secretista said...

Love your blog dear.

P.S I'm Nigeran too!! Yoruba or Igbo?

running with heels said...

I like spring 08's dress all the way to the right. It's a little out of the ordinary but I like that!

veve said...

I'm just in love with whatever Oscar de la Renta creates...he just knows what a woman should wear! I'm dreaming of wearing the red dress, the green one and theone in black and white.