ahh... king richard the chai

Yesterday, I woke up to Saks' online feature web-rag, "Meet the Designers We Adore." I clicked through to view the pieces before returning to watch Micheal Fink's clip with each of the new designers, thus verifying their interpretations for myself. (I try hard to shake of the geekiness that pervades my entire being. It doesn't work. I don't know why I take fashion so seriously sometimes, man.)

Anyway, one of my fave pieces from Richard Chai's fall collection, in which I'd brazenly delighted earlier this year is now available on the webbie. It's the crinkled chiffon top pictured. Price tag: four digits. Did I mention it was a top?! I'd just been marinating on the idea of shopping only sale items for the rest of the year. If I could buy it, I'd be wearing it as a dress, maybe with teeny shorts underneath; but that's not the point. It is a top. I love it, but this is completely ridiculous and I cannot afford to buy a top for that price. That top better... [insert preposterous and absurd, never-happening-not-in-seven-years-at-least functionality for said piece of garment.] I say 'seven' years because Hussein Chalayan, as you know ― or should know ― is well on his way to producing solar-powered flying pieces of clothing. Umm.. you don't know?!! Go to style.com or somewhere and look up some of his recent 'constructions'. I am not your fashion instructor. (Read, I'm lazy and don't feel up to it. :))

Double air kisses.