chic simplicity life lesson #3: a pump may double as a weapon engraved with your distinctive insignia

...or Stella McCartney's idea of it.
And a chic weapon, if I must state the pretty obvious.
(At Neiman's and Bergdorf's.)

Truffles and kisses.


ryder said...

love the shoes and that metal thing behind... stella is such a great designer but only since she moved to NY.

Anonymous said...

HOTT! and very sexy

Dropsofglamour said...

Hawt! quite gothic. love em.

Miss B said...

Ooo-Those are gorgeous. Great blog by the way!!! I just started one up myself and am gonna add your link to my favorite sites on my blog. Gorgeous layout! I'd love for you to check mine out and see what you think! Any advice/comments would be great!


filthygomez said...

jesus the heel on these is gooorgeous.