chic simplicity life lesson #83: eyes are the windows to the soul

...and possibly, you needn't go past the her shades.

Love in the afternoon...
No, it's not a pathetic pun on singer Usher's, Love in the club1. Really, it's the theme of Cutler and Gross's Autumn/Winter 2008 collection. It's a printed love letter that France's Napoleon wrote to his sweetheart Josephine; the women's collection, a black print on an achingly delicious nude pink!!
K.i.s.s. me now *wistful sigh*

[A black and white printed financial index highlights the refinement of the men's pairs. Yay! for matchy couples. So, this is possibly the one time men could make themselves creditably useful― and pleasurably so. That, and perhaps, when I need to adorn my four wedding dresses. *tongue in cheek*) I love tall boys as you (should) know.]

I'm terribly in love with this updated Jackie O. pair.

Meanwhile, (un)fortunately I've just called the stores in Knightsbridge Green...

Secret kisses.

1. Do you know how lame I am?? I found out about this song three or four months later than everyone else!!


Anonymous said...

those glasses are haute and yes romantic

Anonymous said...

love the updated Jackie O sunglasses