chic simplicity and rihanna do the same hervé léger skirt on the same night. yikes!!

**I love my friends, sometimes.
They force me to do things I'd rather not, torturing my already fragile sanity...
"...you have to put yourself out there!" ― the primary undertones of the rather s.h.a.r.p. reprimands I occasionally endure from my so-called friends. But then, it's why I love 'em. Sometimes. :)**

I'm not a pic-taking gyrl for the simple reason that I'm not a pic-taking gyrl. And lest you mistake this for gracious modesty (ha!!); a more accurate reason would be that I try to avoid any instances of my shameless narcissism captured on camera for the world to see.
(All of this to say I am somewhat shy, but, not really.)

This is one of the rare occasions, I willingly took a pic, or two.
By chance, I donned this skirt last Friday night in DC, when I went to a Jay-Z concert disguised as a fashion show.  No, concerts are not my thing either. (Rihanna wore it in NY.) Oddly, I'd wanted to pair the skirt with a sheer, black button- or French-cuffed shirt, half sleeves, but didn't have a sheer cuffed shirt. Note to self: You must find and get said shirt. So anyway, I went with an old basic button-cuffed shirt (from JCrew). It worked, naturally. But what a coinkydink. And on the same frigging day, huh?!

While I'm never in a photo op mode trying to show off my whole outfit ― I refuse, lol;1 my dearest friend, pictured (who will find out about this pic in all of two minutes), and I had several dozen takes!! Narcissism, I tell you. (Said darling friend is an undercover Jay-Z fan like none I have ever seen, and you wouldn't even think it!! So while I was excited about the show; she was patiently biding her time, waiting for her (ahem) man.)

truffle kisses.

1. Truthfully, I skipped my pic-taking/posturing lessons at the Emily Post Tyra Banks School of Modeling and Etiquette.


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Victoria said...

oh you are too funny! i loove it.

kiki said...

you are the best! loves it!

Anonymous said...

you: HOTT!!!! but you already know :)

filthygomez said...

that skirt is bad ass.

Anonymous said...

umm...excuse me, you were supposed tp call me when you were in dc. I WAS AT SAID CONCERT AS WELL!

P.S. you look cute,lol

Bombchell said...

looks cute. wish we could see more of the outfit on u. laters.