sheer delight

While my blogspot interface was busy acting up the past week, I was cheerfully preoccupied with fall's fashions. Not that I'm acknowledging the imminence of fall or any such thing ― it's summer for another month, dropping morning temps or not!! John Galliano reconfirmed my predilection for his dramatic flair, well, sans the drag makeup, natch. I especially loved his Fall Couture sheer skirts. I don't know if I'd ever do a sheer skirt showing off my bum, but never say never huh. On the other hand, sheer pieces on my top half is just bewitching.

Which got me thinking (and reminiscing) about my Hannah Marshall bat-wing dress. I got it for half off at my-wardrobe (ahh... the joys of online shopping!) and I can't wait to get nippy wear it!! The right pic below is fall 2008's updated version of the batwing dress, pretty but certainly not as daring. And Hannah Marshall's love for all black: killing me softly. She's succeeded in making LBD's that can only be described as beautiful.

Which got me thinking (again!) of Junko Shimada, la plus parisienne japonaise!! I spent a futile hour trying to dig up uncommon knowledge about the venerable Shimada. She keeps the lowest of profiles. However, I've noticed that she's a season or two ahead of our most lauded designers. I w.a.n.t. to kiss her!! Happily, I now have one gracious philanthropic deed to accomplish during my time in Paris in a few... A stop at her boutique on Rue St Florentin, and possibly, her design studio if they let me in!! *fingers crossed?!*Yay!! Below are my faves from this season as well as a delightful piece (right) from A/W 2006-07.

Beautiful kisses.