photographers limited editions

Recently, I came across this darling treasure of a webbie, Photographers Limited Editions, PLE. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, PLE "present[s] the extensive works of today’s most respected and renowned photographers to a rapidly growing group of enthusiastic fine art photography collectors in a contemporary format and make[s] these accessible” according to its oh so brilliant founder, Andrea Preiss.

I'm not really into many forms of art (I think) ― except wearable art *sly wink* ― however, as with great photography, some of these images evoke the most pleasurable of feelings. And some are just, well, darn pretty!!
My fave portraits found on the PLE webbie and available for purchase...
• Carrie Donovan (by Jesse Frohman, edition 11, 20x24in): love the reticent knowing manner with a twinge of smugness in her facial expression ― her left hand caught mid-air ― and those Chanel glasses!!
• Iman (by Roxanne Lowit, edition 20, 20x24in) in her haute rockstar girl-of-the-moment. It's an instant I'm inclined to think of as à la Naomi Campbell, but Iman did come on the scene first. She embodies a refinement we all dream to possess; this photograph illustrates a notably beautiful contrast ― to her personality, and importantly, her aptitiude as a model in a moment of her "work" day.
• Then there's this image of these men, Bill Blass and Oscar de la Renta, together (also by Jesse Frohman, edition 11, 16x20in). Sheesh!!



Anonymous said...

These are really great pictures. Thanks for the info.

Brenda said...

I really love your writing. Big fan!