adeline andre (i, personally, prefer seven arm-holes please)

Speaking of Parisian couture, I've had this a bit now... The subdued Adeline André, who hosts her enduringly effortless couture collections fondly dubbed Top-of-wear pieces thinks an aquamarine blue seven arm-holed knee-length dress is just fine for fall, and I agree. What makes this piece especially endearing is its layered skirt, which at first glance, is simple enough. But, on further inspection, one realizes it simply must've taken some measure of fastidious perfection to get it to fall correctly, otherwise one would, just as easily, end up with a lopsided garment (yes, that could be fashionable too, but it's obvs not Ms André's goal for her private clientele!). I have a vision of being unwrapped from this dress as I twirl away from a yummy hunk holding the outer sleeve at one end *bows head in mock shame* It wouldn't work as easily as I envision, I know. Images: Madame Le Figaro

And to say I'm taken with Adeline André is an understatement. Just when I'd pegged the Central African Republic born Ms André as a restrained woman (err... given her recent garments!), I found a youtube video that dispelled my naive notion.

Not only is there a compelling woman behind the clothes, a woman who designs a myriad of pieces; there's an intriguing intuition that accompanies her simple pieces; ironically, so obvious, it's easily overlooked. Her pieces are extremely wearable, to say the least; additonally, they offer the fashionably discerning wearer greater control and possibilities on wearing, dressing up or down. And as if her brilliance isn't enough, she had to have her three arm-sleeve garment registered in Paris only a year after setting up shop as a designer!! Umm.. do you know how difficult it is to get anything trademarked, much less anything in fashion?! Let's not even talk about in France?! ...the snobbish French manner of doing things. (Je vous aime toujours, mes chéris!)

Bisous. Bisous.


Scarves said...

Wow! The layered dress can be like that. Never seen that before.

giuseppe said...

hello, what season is this? her recent couture show (fall '09) has another woman being dressed.. one garment for the whole show, layer after layer. it's like a tiered gown

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Jolie said...

Dress Looks very cool