soft iridescence (and a djebellah i'm crazy for) from sophie theallet

It's the airiness of the overlaid, silk chiffons in her spring pieces; each layer, a single color ― primarily ― emerging softly, shimmering into a mellow iridescence. It's what struck me about Sophie Théallet's first showing at NY fashwk last September. Then, add a smattering of floral: subdued, and yet, eye-catching, eye-pleasing.

Pics: Style.com, Top: Spring. Bottom: Fall.

Just as I sat musing about the Native American influences in Théallet's fall collection (on her (seemingly) bohemian flair), I reverted to that djellabah piece from her spring collection. How perfectly chic! And what if I could wear it both 'as is' and as a djellabah-mini, of sorts; the two bottom tiers a removable piece?? I'm serious. Brilliant, no?? And at least I'd have two pieces for the pricey one.

Yes, she did use all black models for her spring show debut last September. Frankly, I'm amazed; as I did not know there were that many black models in my great America.
No, she was not making a political statement, she'd said. The colors just looked better on brown skin.
― No, I don't believe the former (statement) one bit. (Okay, a 95% degree certainty.)
― Duhhh?!!! re the latter notion. I think you'd be hard pressed to find colors that didn't look much better on brown skin.

PS. Her spring pieces debuted on Eluxe just about the same time the fall collections started showing. Pretty fast huh?? Well, she did spend ten years at Alaïa.

Beaucoup de bisous!


Abby said...

Nice Collection....

cufflinks said...

What an impressive collection!