a little pep in your step (boys)!

As I contemplated what'd recently caught my eye in men's fashions ― but, never really taken root in my consciousness because, well, I'm not shopping for any men! ― I exhausted my brain recalling some of the most inspiring and innovative contemporary brands/names I'd heard floating around. An hour, two crosswords and a slice of quiche later...
Nope, nothing.

You see, for 'it' to have even the slightest bit of flair for the typical gentleman, (true, even when dressing women) one has got to take one's cues, very frequently, from brazen, avant-garde designers who aren't afraid to go to extremes. Most certainly, you'll find a striking detail to make your own from the designer's seemingly Gordian, or ― *ahem* crazy absurd ― runway pieces, for instance. And yes, of its on accord, my mind was running amok with selfish desires to recreate such (essentially) male details/pieces to fit myself as a woman.

It was in this despairingly distracted state that I thought of love potion Number (N)ine. And thank the Lord for men.style.com, because I couldn't remember the designer's name, Takahiro Miyashita. Now, I know not very men ― actually, I can't even think of a single male friend ― that would look favorably at Miyashita's ensembles, well, as they appeared on the runway (pics, men.style.com). And I get it. You really don't want to look like a bleach-blond Juliette Gréco channeling a disconcerted, hallucinating Renaissance androgyne sans paint brush (this spring, left pic) or Ali Baba's step-son, reincarnated, and still running from the sharia police (fall collection). I don't want you to either.

But, let's look a little closely at the brilliance of a series of shoes Miyashita showed for this spring season. The uppers are actually made from heavy rich jacquard, the kind normally used in curtains, yep drapery! Have you seen anything like it?? I haven't, and I think it's charming. I mean, seriously, worn with a pair of your usual (ho-hum *chuckle* plain) linen shorts/trousers or sport coat/blazer ensemble say for spring, it's bound to give you a little more oomph in your step. I'd totally do a double take!! Really, let's think about it: I'm not asking you to go crazy because you'd still be in your regular (more or less presentable) clothes; your shoes would just be a little more special. *smile* (at Number (N)ine, Brownsfashion)

So I decided to search out more of such interesting (proper) shoes (brogues, oxfords etc. wait, there are only three?! shoe options for you poor, poor men!). I found some, nothing more in jacquard like I was hoping.

I showed the Martin Margiela's confetti sneakers (I h.a.t.e. sneakers), but compare it to the proper shoes (of which I'm now a huge! fan) and which I could only find on darling site, LuxuryCulture. It's exquisite decadence. The confetti pieces on both the sneakers and the proper shoes ― I think these are derbies, I can't tell the difference ― are supposed to fall off with time, carrying on the uniqueness of the shoes. Gosh I'm in love. (with shoes I can't even own! or can I?)

Top: Raf Simons, Colette Paris; Middle: Gucci, Saks, Neiman's, Gucci; Bottom: Sneakers: MMM, Brownsfashion, or Eluxury.

Big kisses.


Jennifer said...

can we say MANZIE shoes?!!?

for more manzie looks..