chic decadence

Carrying on ― as though I haven't got some 'splaining to do, except to say I think melancholy prods the frozen recesses of my soul, so a post for my records it is ― did you know I first titled my fashion memoirs CHIC DECADENCE? Yup, it's true, and you can totally see it, can't you?!

I think the decadent part is really a combination of my burgeoning (just plain-old greedy) desire for truly luxurious fabrics that I can't even afford; my mother's impressions on me, growing up, unveiling a treasured item for a special occasion and sometimes, just because... (she felt like it, honestly, mom?! indulgent much?!); and lastly, let's face it: even though I do a very good job of pretending I'm not Nigerian, there is a certain hedonistic 'fanfare' that comes with every ounce of every drop of Nigerian blood and culture (and I love it! more and more!! each day). So you see, nature +nurture, I totally can't escape it!!

So yeah... sorrowfully pensive state well established (fall's line-up alternately permitting me temporary reprieve (and forcing me downward still as it fuels my insatiable hunger)), and it's on to Giambattista Valli F/W 2009-10.

Relatively subdued for the man who'd sooner dress what's (or who's) the left of the world's Lee Radziwills (but just perfect for me!), Mr Valli showed a collection suffused with clean, clear-cut lines, and sprinkled, here and there, with ornate glimmering silks (or brocades). Of course, having foraged as a magpie in a former life, all the shiny fabrics are especially attractive; and yet ― perhaps c almost distracting from the simple wearability of Valli's pieces.

Even then, the shiny (haha) pieces aren't the best of the lot! Okay (I lie and I die!!), save for this long coat (pictured left) accompanied with its exquisite silk-corded tassel, a pleasing theme running through the collection. Really, the coats have it and all I want to say is... I want this (coat)! and this! and this!! Thank you very much. A gyrl can dream, can't she?? BTW, I'd never catch this niggling cold, if I had one of those coats... I'm just saying.
(pics: thanks Style.com)

But seriously, I especially love this peacock-feathered skirt and I ― undoubtedly ― want it for my mom!! She wouldn't buy it herself (given the game-of-pick-four-or-five-random-numbers price-tag that will certainly accompany it) that much I know, but she'll definitely take it from her gyrls (if we ever found it *on sale*). I know she'll also say something like, "how am I supposed to wear this in the stifling heat (of Nigeria)?" True. So maybe, it should be a tea-length affair... (perhaps attach a simple light-weight (sheer?) ruched fabric at the bottom mimicking the edges of the feathers.. It's kinda hard to explain... but I'm altering and refining the skirt in my head... HA!) what am I saying?? Nigerians wear much more in the stifling sun, no?? Pictured with that turtle neck, it makes me feel hot (temp-wise), just looking at it. Anyway, I think it's just perfect... *giggles*

Decadent kisses, leaving lip stains on each of your cheeks.