prada transformer

I'll be b.a.c.k.
Meanwhile, do click on the absolute spectacularity that is the Prada Transformation concept: a structure composed of (four) distinct shapes, which rotates according to one of four events it's expected to host at any given time. It's currently being built in Seoul; construction started in Feb. You must watch the video! I only found out about it yesterday. I'm completely amazed; but I do have a few questions. Most importantly, "Where will the internal bits i.e. furniture, design pieces, etc be stored and how will they be moved about as the transformer undoubtedly uhhh... transforms (sorry) to host each event??" Might turn out to be a pain, if they have to be moved often, whatever "often" means. Although I'm sure the smart people at FRCH Design Worldwide have thought alot about this already.

butterfly kisses.


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