beauty... in the eye of the beholder

Would you think me just beyond sad if I told you that...
I really must have these three bits — and, not for any utilitarian purposes whatsoever.
It's just... they're just so pretty to behold!!

L-R: Guerlain Le 2 Two Brush Mascara, Guerlain Terracotta Tajine Eyeshadow, NARS Yachiyo Brush 27

Pretty kisses.
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Thank you very much!! :)


Kim of Black Style Central said...

I adore Guerlain. They're products are the epitome of luxury.

Mia said...

Love Guerlain, and that Nars brush is lovely to look at and hold I'm sure :)

Mischo Beauty said...

I must agree! Product presentation is everything!

Mischo Beauty

Anonymous said...

I admire your decadence ;-) just so happens Guerlain's products are amazing!