hair necessities

I have a thing for headbands; especially — it seems — black headbands. It's bordering on obsessive *yikes* because I just realized I have at least seven!! (It's more when you figure in the other colors and textures, feathery options, etc.) But... seven black headbands!! Why does a gyrl with primarily black hair need seven black headbands. You can hardly see the contrast between the headband and my hair, so it's certainly not for decorative purposes!! Sadder yet, let me present to you one of my more recent objects of desire — Erin Fetherston's Satin Flower Headband.

You may remember a matching mini dress from her Holiday Collection. It was absolutely divine on Joy Bryant when she donned it for Glamour Magazine's 'Fashion Gives Back' Benefit for Malaria last September; having teamed up with the designer to design a collection of limited edition t-shirts. No??

Anyway, back to my present matter.
I w.a.n.t. that headband!!
I'll pass on the multi-colored one because I think it's a tad christmas-tree-decoration-like. But that black one... I've been eyeing it since the end of last year. Never mind that I have a similar black cotton/chiffon-y rosette piece by Phillip Lim, which I've never used!!! I've been waiting for this particular one to go on sale precisely for this rationale that I've a comparable piece and shouldn't spend so much on the frigging thing!! Alas, the christmas tree variety is sold out and I'm getting a bit fidgety. So you see...

Actually, why don't you do me a favor and graciously overlook the fact that I only use ONE of said black pieces??!! It's the one you see in my profile pic. I'd never appreciated the fact that headbands are actually labeled with the brand tags until last night as I was debating Erin's Satin headband. Well, that's not completely true — I adore pieces by Eugenia Kim and Stacey Lapidus (two words: Gossip Girl, so sad I've only seen three episodes, maybe) — but I'd never really given the concept much thought.

Here's a new piece from Ms. Kim's collection (left). Yes, they do have it in black; it'd just be wise to have it along with this chic magenta color, don't you think?? On the right is one by Stacey Lapidus I love but never wear!! At least it's in a light grey. ...Probably explains why I've not used it yet!!

Well, I went unto Barney's webbie, just because I know I'd gotten a number of these overpriced priceless accessories there. (I shouldn't complain, I was a willing victim of this highway robbery!!) This was when I noticed Jennifer Ouellette's delicate monopoly. Evidently, my fave headband — the one in my profile pic (shameless giggle) — is by Ms. Ouellette. It's akin to this piece pictured here:
I'd gotten some of her pieces without even knowing anything of her; but there's a clamourous rave for Ouellette's headbands, apparently. Ms Ouellette is a hat/hair accessories designer and connoisseur with an impressive resume. She's even patented her design techniques!! Recently, she designed all the head pieces for Tracey Reese's Spring and Fall '08 collections. Delish!!

While I admit my disturbing preoccupation with these black frou frou things, I'm positively salivating over this cutting edge, multipurpose hair accessory + mini-MRI scanner (designed by Armani for his Privé Spring '08 collection) I'm sure it can be used as a discreet radio wave transmitter as well. Just brilliant!!
Should I be on something??!!

Powdered sugar kisses.

P.S. To be honest, while I think headbands are utterly delectable, I'm usually really just trying to get the hair (not my bangs, but the rest) away from my face and/or hiding my uncompromising, unruly mess of a hair. *surrendering sigh*

P.P.S. Aren't headbands also referred to as "Alice bands" by the younger fraction of society who deign themselves 'tweens'?? Or was that just my sad self through the looking glass in the nineties??


Anonymous said...

The headbands are gorgeous, but I don't know if that justifies their prices or the fact you have seven black ones, and still trying to get more. LMAO. I'll say a prayer for you :)

Anonymous said...

I really can understand why you collect all these black headbands, but I also can't explain it, because I'm the same ;)
Just instead of black i love it colorful.
i found a nice site where i can buy really awesome headbands for a fair price and if i want buy a belt which matches, too.
just in case, they have a childrens collection too (very cute), so take a look at www.andreasbeau.com !!

KATE said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I went to www.andreasbeau.com and flipped! There are so many beautiful headbands to choose from! Not to be missed!

B said...

im positive that alice band is nigerian english lol