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If you haven't yet, I'd suggest you hobble on over to JCrew — or type in jcrew online, ha!! — for some of spring's most delicious colors and trinkets. The prettiest things ever, I tell ya!! That, and the fact that I'm simply a sucker for darling presentations!! I love love their new jewelry and the pictured belt (below). In actuality, that pic of the belt is perfectly deceptive because it's not one, but four belts (sold separately!!). Good marketing ploy JCrew cadre!! I'm already thinking there's no way I'd love just one belt by itself; at least two, perhaps — but certainly, not all four. Ahh — yes, I'll take the entire outfit in the upper right pic (without the sandals — I'll just stick with the beauties).

[Can I say something sorta awful: I don't like that clutch at all!! It's just that I wanted to show you the gorgeous rings.]

Bright kisses!!

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Thank you very much!! :)


Candi said...

I love the Colors!

Sofía said...

Nice blog!
I love the fashion too.
In fact I have a blog about alternative fashion escene in Chile