lingerie bag or not: Lanvin Papillote tote bag

You be the judge...
(Never mind that I think of lingerie bags in lavender and lace for some reason.)
As you can see this collection of shoppers comes in nude the universal color of women's unmentionables, and folds perfectly to fit in your suitcase!! When I first came across the show pieces in store in early February, I thought it was just a lazily misplaced item (by another customer); you know how you drop an intending purchase wherever because you can't be bothered to return it to its original place?? I simply thought it belonged in the lingerie department!! Of course, I went on to caress its satiny texture; that was when the price tag slipped into view. In shock I realized my mistake. This was supposed to be an actual bag!!
Yeah right!!

The printed styles are much more deceptive; but I'm unconvinced that that nude shopper should be hanging on my wrist and actually glimpse sunlight. If you've been dying for a really expensive lingerie bag, Lanvin has you covered!! (Check 'em out at Barneys. Sorry I'm not facilitating this transaction with the ease of linking to Barneys. LOL)

Sugar Kisses.

P.S. My stupid b.l.o.g.g.er (bleuch!! excuse me) didn't work yesterday and late Sunday. I was really trying to be diligent and my plans were thwarted.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Is this a joke or something. And I hear Alber Elbaz personally drew the sketches on the print bags. He still remains a god in my eyes even after this mistake

Mia said...

LMAO lingerie bag!!!!!!

gigi said...

Lingerie bag indeed. The printed version is slightly better

Anonymous said...

For some great bags that wont leave you wondering just what they're for or what they are check out artfulwears.com.. i never go wrong with the purses i find on there.

workhard said...

Lingerie bags.. i like the gray one..

Jolidon Lingerie