chic simplicity: Jil Sander

The shoppes are stocking up on large cherry poppy prints à la D&G and Prada's trembling blossoms. Perhaps, this will entice mother nature to accelerate its course into spring. I mean I don't feel an ounce of sunny warmth in the weather, do you??!!

Amidst these ornate blooms — in stark contrast — is the Jil Sander collection put forth by creative director Raf Simons; stalks, unwavering, stripped bare of any petals ornaments. In his clothes, Raf Simons' technique — him, having come from designing menswear — suits, and indeed, is exquisite on the puerile models strutting his stuff; for the woman with a butt, we'll see... This strict technicality, however, renders in his accessories a quintessential chic simplicity that I just adore. The clean minimalist design is a perfect testament to its founder, Jil Sander's own aesthetic perspectives and Japanese influences. The understated glamour of Simons' pieces is anything but, even at first glance. I can't get over the details — simple, but oh so chic — and the construction, especially of his shoes. They incite a fierceness that I'm thinking we'd all love. He steers the conversation back to the perceived and redefined practicality of many-a-woman's fave accessory — the purse. I'm terribly crazy about the half-bracelet clutch (especially the one pictured left); although of course, I'm wondering if it's got some type of hidden extender, just in case your wrists don't slip through. *A.w.k.ward*

Tell me you want these sandals as much as I do... (Not yet in stores)

Meanwhile, Madeleine's run away. She's demanded a name change: "It's Astrid," she says.
Silly trick!!
I'm coaxing her back. Wouldn't you believe it, it seems it's the guys who are miss her more. Oh men....

Delicious kisses.


Mia said...

That flat sandal is so hot!!! Never seen anything like it.

Anonymous said...

Loves it!

Nic said...

I LOVE the grey wristlet purse!!!! nicely spotted!

Helen said...

That sandal is at Barneys New York right now! It's super cute!

Also, I just pre-saled the Jil Sander clutch, I can't wait to get it, it's really a great clutch!