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I may have completely neglected to acknowledge my birthday — 'twas on Sunday1; or come to think of it, the first anniversary of my chic fashion memoirs (this past Feb); but I'm awfully thankful to have shared with you every minute of my fashion-craving life this past year.

Birthday haiku (of sorts):
One day, anew,
A Butterfly from the caterpillar —
An older me.
I've received immeasurable support from my lovely younger sisters, my most wonderful friends, as well as from you, dearest readers — both regular subscribers (some of who have also become friends) and the puzzling number of guests who stumble upon my page seeking those simply decadent Alhambra necklaces!!2

And just because I can't get it out of my head... (I dare you not to love the accompanying song.)3 Speaking of Bobbi Brown, perhaps we can include some palettes in the gift rewards.

Double lip-smacking kisses on each cheek!!

1. My original bday plan will take place at some point this week, it'll involve a quiet dinner by MYSELF at one of my fave places, and an hour or two at the Boston Hèrmes store, since I've never been in. Can you imagine??!! I'm simply a loner in my real life. On Sat night, however, I made a record-breaking four drive-bys at four different locations in my beloved NY!!
2. I shouldn't find it odd that I've received a fair amount of emails looking for these Van Cleef & Arpels beauties; but honestly, you can only get these in-store or through a personal shopper.
3. I refuse to speak on the sad case that has turned out to be Bobby Brown. And I most certainly never saw an episode of that Bobby-Whitney unholy fright on TV!!

P.S. I should have pics huh?? I'm just not a pic all-over-the-internet kinda gyrl.
P.P.S. The annual Glam Network Awards is taking place now, until the 10th of April. You can vote once each day for in your fave categories. If you love reading my fashion memoirs, vote for me in the FASHION category.
Thank you very much!! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Belayed Birthday! Wishing you many more. - Kristen

Mia said...

Happy Belated! Anxiously awaiting the chic trivia!

Anonymous said...

We need pictures from your birthday :0)

Steph said...

Happy Belated. :)

Your greatest fan :) said...

Poor Bobby Brown such a mess LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
(Happy Belated)

kiki :*) said...

Happy belated birthday! That song does bring back memories