spring bling

After a long, but exciting day playing a younger1 Ms. Marple trying to decipher the dynamics of the NY fabric/leather district, I was happy to spend sometime with a lovely friend last evening. When we'd met to catch up in early February, we couldn't help gushing about our fave new (shoe) obsessions. It turned out we'd been ogling the exact same pair of shoes. Not only that, we were very particular about the color: it had to be the rose-gold pair!! This bewitching pair of thong sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti (online at Eluxe, silver color at Zappos; in-store at the usual: Saks, Neiman's, Barneys, BG... there's a yellow-gold color as well). With spring2 hovering in the air, I can't help a feverish excitement that I — or, we both :) — will be sporting these gorgeous puppies soon!!

Now if you know anything about me, you'd know that one of my fave pieces of accessory is a pair of thongs!! No, not that kind. Oh well, actually, that kind3 too. *invisible blush on my brown skin :)* But I mean the thongs you wear on your feet!! Anyway, you'd think that (me) being short, I would be teetering on heels always, yeah?? Not really. I only pretend to be chic and sport four-inch heels on occasion.4 My friend, of whom I speak however, she wears heels very elegantly 24/7!!

For lack of a better excuse, it's just that I love love (flat) flipflops/thongs. It seems every spring/summer I'm looking for a new decadent pair. Last year, it was this oh so chic pair; along with two pairs of the same thin-strapped gold thongs from Nordstrom, for thirty bucks a pair. These shoes have since gone into hiding (= I can't find them) for a variety of reasons: stupid winter weather and more importantly, my cleaning lady's highly effective "cleaning" tactics.5 Natch, Nordstrom doesn't have them any more, but I'm determined to find some equally cheap and lovable pairs as soon as I can.
Or... dig up my old pairs.
Whichever comes first.
Actually, the pair I'm on about practically resemble this pair of Zanotti's (Saks online), but without the bling. I quite like this pair too. On the other hand, you wouldn't believe it, but the only thing standing between me and this Zanotti pair in particular is the larger crystal detail at the start of the thong strap. For some inexplicable reason, I find it just irritating. Well, there's also the small matter of my meager finances; but I'm pretty gifted at ignoring that fact. I think if I did buy a pair, I'd be looking for a cobbler to remove the irreverent stone :). Picky!! picky!! I know.

Lest, I fool you into thinking I've learnt to curb my insatiable greed, I also adore this Valentino pair (Neiman's online). In fact, I simply can't wait till the end of the month, when there'll be tons more sandals in the shoppes. Then I can plot which pairs I'll grab at the sales rack in July-August!!

Shimmery kisses.

1. I'd say a younger and "chicer" version of Ms Marple :). Meanwhile, the idea that I'm equating myself with an old spinster is slightly troubling, but I won't make too big a deal of it. LOL.
2. I know I've jinxed it already. Expect the return of cold crappy weather in the northeast. *shame-faced*
3. I've had many a friend (sexes undisclosed) wonder at the extent of my thong undergarments collection, with a seeming lack of other forms of — ahem — knickers. "Isn't it just easier to do thongs??" I ask. In the first place, how do these said friends come into knowledge of my underwear habits?? *quizzical frown* I don't even know. I have to check my friends from now on...
4. Such auspicious occasions arising when I have to be in company of unforgiving fashion critics and when I'm kissing up to tall boyssss :)
5. I marvel at my cleaning lady's ability to force me into an unwilling game of hide-and-go-seek with her misplacement of every possible thing in my apt during cleaning!! I quite understand her strategy: Put everything in the wrong place, so I (myself) can mess everything up more quickly as I look for a dress or tube of lipstick, then she gets called back quicker for another "cleaning" session. Seriously!! But, I just can't seem to break the cycle.
It's on now.


Mia said...

Those are definitely gorgeous. I see you neglected to post the price as usual :) Loves it!

Mia said...

And your thong collection!!!! LMAO!!!!!

industrialpoppy said...

Don't post the price pleeease, just let me dream...

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post! I love the thongs too!

kristen said...

Yes I love them sandals too!!!!!!