the art of pretty dresses (vicente villarin)

I've a thing for dresses. In the past half-year, I may have worn a pair of trousers, oh maybe, all of four times. I've just been happy wearing dresses ― or skirts and tops, but I'm trying to make a point here ― and yes, even during winter, with pretty stockings :). Natch, I have enormous dress wishlists. It's completely ridiculous, and implies a pathetic indulgence to fill my empty soul; terribly satisfying, if I may say so. And up until last April, I was pretty confident in my 'knowledge' of dresses and the best designers out there. How naive. (I can't help but refute this immature claim now; that is, until I'm holding my very own Vicente Villarin dress.)

I wasn't looking for anything in particular when I stumbled upon Vicente Villarin's pieces on the Des Kohan webbie. Now, Des Kohan is a darling of a store, but it offers a very, very limited online shop, so I don't check up on it often. Stupid. Stupid me. (To be certain, one of the reasons to leave the east coast would be to pop into the store in LA.) Anyway, I went through to discover any new pieces and was immediately struck by a Vicente Villarin mauve/dusty pink oversize drape coat with an asymmetrical Pierrot-like collar. It was the most beautiful, sophisticated coat, with minimal fuss. Chic.

I went unto the brand's site, and I can still recall the immense pleasure I felt just looking at the dresses. Joanne Cordero Reyes named the brand named after her grandfather, Vicente Villarin Cordero, a talented composer of the early 20th century. After apprenticing at some of the most prestigious dress houses from Ji Haye to Reem Acra (umm, Reem Acra!) and Monique Lhuillier, Ms Reyes started her own line last year. Her pieces incorporate a chic simplicity and refinement that is just gorgeous to behold; her hand-draped and/or -pleated techniques making for the most elegant dresses. It's almost pointless to try to express just how pretty these dresses are, so I recommend you indulge yourself in the prettiness of it all. [Vicente Villarin]

Apart from Des Kohan, her pieces are available by special order at Greg Mills Showroom, NY (I'm not sure what that's like); and starting in the fall, they will be at Bellhaus, NY, Septième Etage, Swtizerland and Manha Manha, Japan. Very limited availability (it seems). But then you wouldn't want everyone wearing your dress, would you?? :) (And may sale season continue to reign!)
S/S 2008 Collection:

F/W 2008-09 Collection:

Pretty kisses.

P.S. I need people to throw dinner parties for no reason so I can wear some pretty dresses.
P.P.S. Speaking of weddings, her S/S pieces make the most beautiful bridesmaids dress, don't they?? If only I was getting married so my bridesmaids would could wear some of her dresses. See how nice I am?? :)


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