to market, to market

Sisters, Satu and Celeste Greenberg ― the designers behind this new, oh so very chic costume jewelry line, Tuleste Market ― just may have become my BFFs without knowing it!! Their pieces really are a dream... ooh the necklaces. I love love grand elaborate necklaces, especially because I never have to worry about earrings1!! Previously I've looked to Stephen Dweck for inspiration and a few faves (for my mommy too :)) as well as my local jeweler 'to see what we could create.' Now, I'm terribly excited for these Art Deco-inspired pieces!! The prices are drool-worthy too. Ahem, I'm awaiting these two pieces from Shopbop.

(No, I don't know what's up with the model's face either, especially in the left pic. I'm sure she's really lovely in person, but does she have to put on that ugly pout-turned-parkinsons-deformed-smirk?!! No offense.)

Pink pepper kisses.

1. I will still take the Renee Lewis earrings below, thank you very much.