6.49 a.m.
I shifted my attention back to my computer screen and typed in tomford in the address toolbar. I can't say exactly why I'd thought of him; regardless, I hadn't checked up on my beloved créateur in a while. I know he prefers to be under the radar, but the last thing I remember about him was a spread an editorial depicting his royal impeccability while jetsetting. So you see...

The greeting on his home page:
assured me nothing whatsoever had changed concerning my dearest.
I l.o.v.e. this man.
(And it's still Spring/Summer!! I can't tell you how much I dislike the rush ― that comes just around this time of year ― into autumn, just when I'm getting used to the hot stickiness that is summer in the northeast. By the way, I absolutely hate the hot stickiness that is summer.)

I'd already seen the ad campaign earlier in the year. The pics aren't sexually explicit in so much as they are just images with naked people; not so much erotic as just plain nakedness. Just apt to elicit an iota of invisible blushing on my brown skin. Disappointing. For reasons unknown even to myself, I'd expected the well-known randiness of early morning to rear its desirable horns and cause me to lust, for the male bodies, at least. (Oh shhhut up!) But really, there was nothing. Well, that's not completely true. I was a tad more excited at the images of the voluptuous mounds ― I use the terms loosely, of course ― of the women's bodies than the men's. I am certain it's because I like hairy men!! Hahaha!! Oh dear!

Which brings me to my question, "what's the big to-do about naked bodies in fashion??" Fashion is irrevocably built on the art of clothes, so what exactly is it?!! I got to thinking ― perhaps, it's to illustrate the impact beautiful garments and bespoke tailoring can have on the human form. But then, one wouldn't seek to depict this influence with such elegant bodies, right?? Why not, less than fashionably accepted and sculpted, perfect bodies; from one (imperfect) extreme to a (more perfect) one. A beautiful body is almost/just as pleasurable to look at as is a beautiful dress, no?? I can appreciate the body as a palette for decadent baubles and accessories, but with garments, I spend just as much time (or more) looking at a naked body as I do its adorned counterpart. Anyway, way to be philosophical about it. What's really bothering me I guess, is that I didn't find Tom Ford's images so erotic this morning. HA!!!

This bottom image is smaller to shield your eyes from the obvious schlong just hanging out on the naked man to the right. I feel like a hypocrite!! Women are exposed all the time!! Well, usually, their lower triangular patches is obscured in some manner, so I am being a bit fair then.

P.S. When YSL passed early last month (Lord rest his fashionable soul), I was online rediscovering his contributions to the industry when I came across some photo ads for his M7 men's fragrance (2002). I was immediately struck by the utter sexuality (this is the appropriate word in this case) of the images. I thought Tom Ford! written all over it. And then I did a little more research. It turned out, indeed, Tom Ford and Doug Lloyd of llyod (+ co) luxe branding company were responsible for its design. Ahh... Tom.
Again, small images:

Deep, lusty, mouth-searching kisses.


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OMG!!! I'm blushing beet red!!!!!

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