island breeze knits

Since the Caribbean Fashion Week took place just over three weeks ago (June 11-16) in Jamaica, I'd been waiting to glimpse some of pics forever. I finally decided to check up (again!) on the CFW webbie for pics from the fashion shows and was delighted to see the pics had been uploaded. L.o.v.e 'em!!

Unfortunately, after a few hours of reckless downloading ― tedium imposed by the method of image-sharing as you'll see... "Click" ― and watching the sun rise, I've hardly much of the pics left to show. An outcome I cannot even begin to explain, but of which I completely absolve myself!! Fortunately, ― see there's a bright side :) ― I'm running high on delirium and a caffeine buzz from a can of Cherry coke I thought apt to consume at four a.m, as well as the zing that arises in direct proportion to transduction of super bright colors (from one's comp screen) burning into one's retinas!!
It's a senseless bliss. Really.

But, enough about me.

I've discovered two refreshingly spunky labels, Minka and Lubica, which create very sexy ― natch, I mean it we are talking about the Caribbean Fashion Week ― pieces from ― guess?! ― crocheted knits!! I know... the merest hint of the word 'crochet' conjures up an old lady surrounded by tangled mounds of yarn and innumerable doily place mats; but nope, not here. Minka and Lubica, both eponymous labels with equally creative women at their helms, showed glorious-colored swimsuits, cover-ups and easily flirty dresses that perpetuate the wanton richness and exuberance of life in the Islands. They'll be giving Alice Temperley a run for her money in the very near future, that's for sure.

What's more, the pieces ― as practically all those shown during the week ― are a wearable relief from the implicitly required three-D designs that the fashion industry requires of its artisans. Then, again I totally love unwearable clothes, so sue me!!
Vivien Goldman over at
T magazine (NYTimes)
reports a lack androgyny that characterizes the shows; also, certainly unlike other fashion shows. I think it's just beautiful. I have a thing for (my) breasts and the men on the run way with their biceps... yummy!! And need I mention the plethora of black models in all the hows?!! I also found some lovely pics to ogle from Popstyle Jamaica. (Thank you!! :))

All this makes me want to escape to an island and lay in the sun. I also wouldn't mind a lovely male companion with a spliff hanging precariously between his beautifully-shaped lips. (Stereotype much.)

Pretty kisses.


Anonymous said...

These knits are beautiful. It's nice to see other parts of the world emerging and exercising their fashion senses in this brilliant manner.