two wrongs don't make a right

...but this delightful pair of Renee Lewis drop earrings will do just beautifully (at Barneys NY. Forget the price, just ogle it. I've been giving it the eye for weeks.)

I knnooow!! I've unnaturally expensive tastes. But that's just life, an unfair bitch. If Ms. Lewis deigned to move that decimal point one place to the left, I'd change my eating habits like that!! *snapping fingers* (Ramen noodles come in such delish MSG-infused flavors and would surely be a tolerable means of subsistence while I shielded my eyes from the sparkle of my jewels. *wistful sigh*)

Even if there's the small matter of me not really liking drop earrings. (They get in my way, sometimes.) I certainly could learn to love these however.

And so until such time when I can actually get this, I'll save it here to cheer you and I up on gloomy days.

Baublicious kisses.


kiki said...

This is gorgeous! I looked at the price :/