must-have: cazal sunglasses

Okay, I don't do pics of celebrity folks, but one of my lovely sis sent me this photo of singer Amerie sporting probably the most gorg 80'sretro sunglasses from Cazal (by German eye wear designer Cari Zalloni). We ― my sis and I ― can't help it; we'll prob end up with this identical pair!! Well, except if the frames come in different colors. And naturally, we go for pairs with little to none of the required tacky logos on the side... Tom Ford; Barton Perreira; Alexander McQueen (which, by the way sent out a little delightful email yesterday informing me about the launch of their new online shop where you are more than welcome to buy those sequined pair of leggings for just over $2300. *stifling a snort*); Oliver Peoples (I've got a pearlized Harlot pair that's now extinct :), but you will find the black and brown ones, I think. The style's now at least two years old)...

I find it wholly necessary to carry two or four pairs of shades in my inappropriately large bag (to suit my mood at any time. I also find a pair useful for shielding my eyes from taxi drivers ― the only men who approach me ― as they attempt to catch my eye in their rear view mirrors while proposing marriage. My life is sad. I know.)

Big harlot kisses.

P.S. When I say "must-have," I obviously mean for myself (and not you. LOL) We can't go around wearing the same pieces, now can we?!


Anonymous said...

These are indeed hot!!!! I would never have found the designer.

Anonymous said...

As a self-claimed "Shade-Aholic", I must admit, they r HOT, one hell of a statement!!

By the way - love your blog, I am adding it to my fav list if you don't mind.

:Fashion Frenzy: said...

Those are really cute. :)