a fleet ilya of corset belts

I started and finished reading Underdressed by Élodie Piveteau in an hour and half on Monday evening. It's a compact book ― and three quarters of the book is filled with pictures ― so I use the term "read" equivocally :). On the one hand, the written narrative is an account that traces the history and evolution of women's undergarments from the beginning of time, really ― the chapters of Genesis in the Bible in which Adam and Eve discover their nakedness and decide to cover up are highlighted ― until the present. The pictures ― in color, and black and white ― on the other hand, tell a sexy, dressing story of three gyrlfriends playing dressing and undressing games in tons of pretty sexy lingerie in the converted loft of an absent boyfriend.
(Now I know what I've been missing in my relationships with my gyrlfriends?!!)

The entire book is in fact available on Google Books?!! I'd never even heard of Google books before. Yes, seriously. The pics and fonts aren't great online; a stark contrast to the pretty little pink (and black/grey) book I'd held while reading.

Anyway, from the dark recesses of mind, I started fantasizing about the harrowing pleasures of adorning a corset; one thing led to another and I found myself frantically re-searching for the more modern and surreal corset belts from Fleet Ilya. The brand creator, Ilya Fleet, as well as its co-director, Resha Sharma designed a concept line of avant-garde waist cinchers for British designer Ana Šekularac's F/W 2008 collection (right, and bottom pics) which'd caught my eye earlier this year, although the brand's been around since 2005 (I believe).

Apart from this concept line, the duo is perhaps best known for their Restraint line, a collection of "luxury bondage" pieces which, natch, can only be described as risque. I've put up a few the milder, less shocking pics below. (There are a few umm... dildo harnesses, metal masks etc.) In reality, many of harness pieces are very wearable and actually super stylish; for instance, worn over a shirt, you'd find yourself considering some of them demure, almost.
A third line, the classic line includes belts, cuffs and handbags and beautifully highlights the distinctive craftsmanship of the brand. (I didn't even know they made bags; they're pretty relaxed with a characteristic downtown-chic air.)

Alrighty, this marks the end of our erotic literature sessions for the wk!! :)

Big kisses.
**I hope there aren't too many errors in my note. I'm too tired to give it a once-over, forgive me.
**Love, me.


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