say 'pepper and pistol'

Even though the first thought that popped into my head when I saw it was, "of the pastel variety: the UK flag on acid", I'm smitten with this sequined dragonfly top by Pepper and Pistol. Even more than its quintessence as utter prettiness, I love the label name Pepper and Pistol!! By no means a rocker chick, I'm thinking I could, however, play-pretend; flaunting my undoubtedly invalid smattering of rocker chic knowledge with a mere whisper of the name 'Pepper and Pistol' would be a dream. Seriously, how cool would you think yourself saying your top's by Pepper and Pistol. (In my case, it'd be a terribly short, close-to-baring-my bottom dress.)
Sheer delight!!

Cool kisses.