l.o.v.e spells lagerfeld

I'm very tough on things (and people) that I choose to love.
I. love. Chanel.
Accordingly, I hold the revered House (and Mr Lagerfeld, natch) to very high standards, albeit in a muted retrospective manner. Ha!! (I don't even know how I would begin to measure these standards, I'm but a lowly not-even-fit-to-call-myself-a-critic critic and no one that matters cares what I have to say, at least, not yet. Haha.)

Anyway, with fashion calendar's new comer well settled in, and over, Resort season was a delight especially against the seemingly frequent! overcast backdrop of the recent summer rain clouds. While Mr Lagerfeld ― and three or so other designers ― unofficially showed Resort pieces a fortnight earlier in mid-May (to coincide with the opening of the Chanel store in Miami), I was apt to wait until the end of the showings to indulge myself and review all the collections. Lagerfeld's 74-piece collection ― four or five men (some in shorts :)) thrown in for good ogling measure ― inspired an easy elegance that I admire.
I have wholeheartedly accepted that I will always be blown away by Mr Lagerfeld's pieces for Chanel (especially).
And, I'm glad.
Someday, even my cats will wear Chanel. Okay I will never own cats!! Eeck!!

So, three things:
1. I dream of Chanel jackets and costume pearls.
2. I just want to sit quietly by Mr Lagerfeld (he doesn't need to know I'm there) for two mintues outside on a bench à la Place Vendôme (creative genius, osmosis, yada yada...)
3. I want to be Mr Lagerfeld when I grow up.
Aside: Did you know I started accumulating Fendi belts?? Well, that may not be the right word, but they cost such pretty pennies, I feel like I'm accumulating them. And who's behind those?? Mr Lagerfeld, again. Genius, I tell ya!!

Chanel Resort 2009:

Beautiful double kisses.
[Enjoying the Paris couture shows via Style.com :)]